Jayashree Ashok

Jayashree Ashok is the founder of Prajña Wisdom Center. With close to two decades of years of experience on the spiritual path, she has guided many people in their spiritual journey and has trained many healers working in the center in the area of emotional healing. Spiritual healing, Education and Children are the core areas of Jayashree’s work.

Jayashree has co-founded Creative School along with her husband Ashok and a strong founding team. Creative is a holistic school for children that has healing, transformation and empowerment at its core. A completely holistic school, it is dedicated to children growing up with awareness and strength in all areas of their lives – body, mind, emotions and soul. She has over 22 years of experience in education, parenting and working with children.

In the area of healing – Jayashree specializes in intuitive healing and spiritual guidance which can help heal and transform core areas of your life. She connects deeply (and channels) with the wisdom of Mahavatar Babaji, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother who guide her during her sessions. In the physical realm Jayashree has trained extensively under Dr. Newton Kondaveti who has been her mentor and guide. She is a trustee of both Life Foundation and Life Children’s Foundation under Dr. Newton’s leadership and guidance.

Prior to training under Dr. Newton, Jayashree has trained with The Tao Fellowship, Centre for Non-violent Communication Art of Living and in Energy Psychology and many other areas of healing. She has also trained directly with Leonard Orr on Rebirthing Breathwork and Spiritual Purification.

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