Kapila Ramakrishnan

Kapila is a practising Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual Teacher, trained in Past Life Regression, Rebirthing BreathWork, Inner Child Work and Meditation. She has been in this field for almost a decade averaging more than a 1000 hours annually in individual sessions, group practice and workshops. She has worked with both Indian and overseas clients.

As Co-ordinator of Pragya Living Wisdom Centre, she oversees the day to day activities which include sessions for adults and children, workshops, retreats, communication, publicity as well as its free wellness offerings. She also facilitates workshops and sessions – group and individual.

Kapila is also a professional animal caretaker and communicator, and volunteers at organizations such as CUPA, Lets Live Together and CARE.

Her corporate experience of 7+ years as an advertising professional has helped her build strategies in communication, team work and business development. Around 2006 intense inner transformation led her to the path of self discovery and healing. Today she continues to share her wisdom and support others with holistic processes that help others live fulfilling lives.

More Info: www.linkedin.com/in/kapila-ramakrishnan-8b687273/

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