Reshma Madhusudhan

Reshma Madhusudan works with adults and older children at Prajña Wisdom Centre and Creative. She started her journey formally as a healer at the centre with blessings from The Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Jayashree Ashok, Leonard Orr and many other wonderful guardians and masters. She has trained with Jayashree for the past 11 years and has seen herself change tremendously under her guidance and daily healing processes.

As a child, she was exposed to concepts of sacred and religious teachings through her schooling and neighbourhood sanghas. It was only later in her thirties, when faced with a life threatening situation, did she see the value of practicing everyday to nourish the body, mind and spirit. Her journey into herself intensified through life experiences. She has trained in meditation, hatha yoga, EFT, and NVC.

At Prajña and Creative, she saw The Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s work in a new light with each of their words of wisdom giving timely guidance, patience and solace on this journey.Through her life, work and relationships, Reshma has had tremendous success in experiencing healing, combining Regression Therapy, Breathwork, Inner-Child Healing, Meditation and other healing methods. She is a lover of mathematics that exists in nature, waiting to be absorbed and realized.

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