Sithara has a beautiful daughter named Shruti. When her daughter’s infancy and toddler years were turbulent, Sithara was desperate to find relief from her own inner turmoil. She found herself attending an EFT workshop at Creative. Since then there has been no looking back. Sithara found herself coming back again and again to this wonderful space at every given opportunity. She learnt so many techniques under the guidance of Reshma, Jayashree, Dr. Newton, Dr. Lakshmi and several other Masters who have graced Creative’s space.

Sithara was fortunate to be part of an intensive training by Dr. Leonard Orr who is a pioneer in Rebirthing breathwork. Breathwork uses the power of the breath to heal issues of the past while bringing the body, mind and soul into harmony. Sithara now offers breathwork sessions to anyone who wants to experience the power of their own breath. She wants to share her experiences to help others on their own healing journey. God Bless!

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