Online course on Emotional Well-being

Introduction by Jayashree & Ashok.

Course facilitators: Kapila, Radha & Sithara

Online Course Schedule:

Duration: 16 hours of live online sessions
PLUS 2 Free EFT Practice Sessions

The course on Emotional Well-being equips you with the knowledge and practical techniques to:

  • Improve awareness self and emotional intelligence
  • Learn to manage & transform difficult emotions
  • Release fears, phobias and past trauma
  • Eliminate pain and improve health
  • Feel at peace with oneself and with others

Awareness and healing of emotions, is a key aspect in the journey of understanding, accepting and refining ourselves. It can have a positive effect on physical health, mental-emotional balance, relationships and the ability to face challenges in personal and professional life.
The concepts and tools taught in this course have been tried and tested over 15 years at our centre and school. The course is facilitated by senior facilitators who are long-term practitioners themselves.

Theory and Practical Sessions on:

  • Awareness of emotions
  • How emotions manifest in our physical and mental states
  • The power of observation and connecting with our emotions
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – different approaches)
  • Understanding empathy processes
  • Acceptance of emotions
  • Role of emotions in relationships
  • Practical toolkit for emotional wellbeing
  • Energy healing practices
  • Art therapy
  • Meditations

Course Facilitators:

Kapila Ramakrishnan serves as the Programs Advisor at Prajña Wisdom Centre, and has around 15 years of study and practice in the field of holistic healing and self-development. She is joined by Radha Ghangam and Sithara K. who are also senior teachers, facilitators and healers at Creative School and Prajña.

They have in-depth experience in enhancing emotional well-being for themselves and their clients – adults and children. They are trained in many holistic wellness systems such as Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork, Regression, Emotional Intelligence, Prosperity Work, Conscious Parenting, Energy Healing and Mindfulness.

Enquiry and Registration:
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Tel.  +91 78999 17212

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