Family Constellation & Ancestral Healing

“As the family is, so is life” – Bert Hellinger

We all are aware how easy it can be to get caught in the web of our family history. Without knowing we may be reliving our father’s anger, our mother’s anxiety, the financial failures of our grandparents, or the exclusion and isolation of a lost brother or sister.

Through the work of Family Constellation (transgenerational psychotherapy or transgenerational healing or systemic healing) we have finally begun to understand how to address issues that are handed down from one generation to another like a wound searching endlessly for resolution. For those of us interested in uncovering the roots of hidden patterns, the work of Family Constellation can be invaluable. 


  1. Become aware of the source of problems that lies beyond the self; learn to recognise the hidden dynamics in a family system and heal from it
  2. Experience what is ‘inclusion’ and exclusion’ in a family/community/organization
  3. Learn to observe and diagnose what the movements of the constellation reveal about the inner dynamic of each family member for self and others
  4. Observe how simple, solution-oriented interventions can help the intrinsic love between the family members to flow again.
  5. Gain personal strength, confidence, motivation for success by connecting to our own lineage
  6. Learn ways to connect with family ancestry and access family strengths and blessings for self and others in the family
  7. Develop a self help tool kit for daily practice
  8. Become free to begin our own new system in the family through the healing and move ahead into our own future

About the process
Developed by Dr. Bert Hellinger, a psychiatrist, it is a three-dimensional group process. It integrates Psychodrama, Transactional Analysis and Family Sculpture to support an individual to shift generations of suffering and unhappiness with delicate simplicity and find solutions that can be life-changing for the individual, family, and ancestry: to re-discover the balance and harmony in our lives – with love.

Who is it for?

  • Individuals interested in self development and success
  • Therapists, counsellors, teachers, special educators, professionals connected with people development
  • Parents and caregivers
  • Individuals in whose families suffer from inherited ailments and other forms of trauma
  • Individuals contributors, leads, and leaders who wish to excel professionally

Course Facilitator:
Veda Mohan received her training in Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing from Dr. Newton K and Dr. Lakshmi. She has also participated in constellation workshops by Dr. Annie Cariappa.

Being a Human Development professional for close to 40 years, and having delved for almost two decades in theatre, therapy and counselling, learning and development; family constellation and work constellation emerged naturally as the next phase of work for Veda. She facilitates individual, group sessions as well as workshops in both areas at Pragya.

She currently is the Director – Corporate Initiative at the Pragya Centre, and Education & Curriculum Advisor at Creative School

Pragya Living Wisdom Centre at Creative School, Bangalore.

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