Personal sessions

Every person’s needs – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – are different and reflective of each soul’s personal journey. At Prajña Wisdom Centre, we offer many workshops and group practices that are wonderful for energizing ourselves to start on the healing path. Personalized sessions are offered for those who are ready for deeper self-reflection of our life experiences. True change is possible only within us – when we are willing to change, the resulting changes in our relationships and situations proceed towards a healthy, harmonious life.

Please register for personalized sessions by scheduling an introductory session with us.  You are requested to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire not only helps us understand your healing needs, but begins your process of deep reflection by bringing awareness to your issues.

After an introductory session, with awareness tools, deep listening and counselling, it may take several sessions to make deep progress. Bringing out the true nature of ourselves to full awareness may need a few sessions of deep listening and empathetic work; feelings of sadness, guilt, shame, and anger are all layers that need experiential attention to uncover root causes for buried emotions. These emotions must be released in order to reach greater acceptance and possibilities in our lives.

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