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Rebirthing Breathwork – 9 days Immersive Retreat

“Breathe-in peace, joy, wellness & success… Breathe-out fears, limitations & past trauma.”

Join us for a deeply healing and transformative journey, where you will have first hand experience of harnessing the breath to reduce stress, improve health and harmony, increase productivity, and for spiritual awakening. Rebirthing Breathwork as a modality, has gained global popularity and is recommended by world-renowned success coaches like Tony Robbins. The retreat weaves together the science of breath, psychology, and spirituality in a practical way for anyone to learn how to integrate Rebirthing Breathwork into their life.

Date: 13th to 22nd October, 2023
Venue: Freedom Land, Doddaballapur

Benefits of the Retreat:
– Enhance your energy levels, creativity and focus
– Improve immunity, sleep and overall well-being
– Let go of accumulated stress and anxiety and return to peace
– Self growth and expansion of consciousness
– Release past unresolved emotions and negative thoughts
– Awaken spiritual wisdom and ignite inner transformation
– Learn Rebirthing Breathwork and other effective tools for personal well-being

Retreat Teachers & Facilitators:
Prajna and Rebirth International Breathwork Association (RIBA) come together to share their extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of Rebirthing Breathwork as a tool for inner healing, transformation and living our full potential. The lead teachers in this retreat, Jayashree Ashok (founder of Prajna) and Heike Strombach (founder of RIBA) have been trained directly by Leonard Orr the father of Rebirthing Breathwork, and have had many decades of experience in facilitating and teaching Breathwork and other Spiritual Healing Tools and Wisdom. Jayashree and Heike have set up successful organisations and lead teams of facilitators and teachers – some of these senior rebirthers will be there to support the participants in this retreat.

For Registration and Enquiries:
Tel: +91 7899917212

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