Self Empowerment

Healing The Child Within workshop experience
by Shubha

It was awesome. Regression sessions made my body and mind like a feather. I recommend this workshop for many. This will help everyone to clear their unwanted baggages, which brings physical and mental illness. I have already made a list of people in my mind who should attend this.

My take away:

  1. Positive affirmations which is helping me in trust myself
  2. Breath exercises which is helping me to handle situations
  3. Fire meditation to clean myself
  4. To listen and believe my intuition
  5. Info on Ages of the Soul and the 7 koshas of our body. It is helping me in blow away my fear of losing loved ones.

Healing the Child within Experience
by Sangeetha Palanisamy

It was a very wonderful experience attending the workshop on Healing The Child Within. After the workshop felt so light and felt a happiness a lightness from with in.

  • My learning from the workshop :
  • To follow the inner voice paying attention to our doubt /fear
  • If we magnify our strength our challenges vanishes
  • Affirmations to strengthen our strength and to give a positive approach to our challenges.
  • BreathWork

Thanks for providing such a great experience by giving me an opportunity to participate.



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