Pragya’s courses are an invitation for you to dive deep into the ocean of wisdom and begin a journey of transformation, where you will experience awakening, peace, fulfillment, joy and abundance.

Pragya’s courses or extended learning programs offer the opportunity to be a part of our supportive community space. Few of the many benefits include:

  • Continued support as you walk the path of self development and life transformation
  • Programs that span over a few weeks give ample time to learn, assimilate, practice, reflect and integrate into life
  • Assignments to apply the teaching in life and then come back with questions and reflections
  • Form beautiful friendships with like-minded people. Some of these friendships can last a life time and are a wonderful support system.


What makes Pragya’s courses unique:

  • There is a large bank of facilitators and teachers with decades of study and practice, whose knowledge and experience is tapped into to design the programs
  • The facilitators for each course are carefully chosen based on their expertise and talent
  • Facilitators have a committed self work practice time for their own growth as well as to improve the quality of their work with clients
  • Facilitators also continue their study by attending other workshops and programs, thereby updating their knowledge.
  • As a result of these rigorous practices, the courses are of high quality and substance
  • As a not for profit, we aim to be sustainable as well as accessible. The courses are priced nominally and we offer additional flexibility for people who have financial constraints


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