A Child’s Journey Retreat

Date: 1st – 10th October 2021
Venue: ‘Freedom Land’ – Creative School’s new campus in Dodballapur

What comes to your mind when you read the title, ‘A Child’s Journey’?

We all want our children and ourselves to have a wonderful life journey but how can we manifest this? Is it even possible? Is it too early or too late to get started? When should I start? NOW is the time! Let us come together to explore, experience and heal ourselves. What is it?

A Child’s Journey is an immersive combination of healing and education training. This is a unique retreat not only for educationists or parents but an exploration towards one’s own childhood years where anyone can heal themselves of their childhood traumas. It is an experiential expedition that explores the journey of a child right from the womb to adulthood. Understanding the child’s journey, and healing the inner child will pave the path to raising children with higher consciousness.

Why should I attend this retreat?

We’ve all gone through the rigors of a conventional schooling system where academics trumped emotional, social, and spiritual aspects. This one-dimensional view of us as human doings and not human ‘beings’ has created many blocks and scars that need healing. Thus, leading to unfulfilled needs at every stage. This retreat is truly for every human being wanting to heal and improve themselves.

Additionally, as a teacher, a parent or a young adult or adult who shares space with children it is imperative that we look closely into and understand the stages of child development: how a child grows and how to nurture holistic growth in a child. The retreat has been designed to allow exploration and deep healing of self, leading to an empowered adult who can create and hold a nourishing space not only for a child but also for themselves. In addition to addressing the child and the child within, this retreat will help in understanding the role of an adult in the lives of children with special needs and those that come from different socio-economic backgrounds. A Child’s Journey, helps us become aware of and heal using effective and time-trusted methods of inner child healing.

How does this retreat aid with the healing?

The essence of each of the stages and ages will be experienced through the use of different activities and well-established healing modalities. The retreat has been developed based on the following modalities and consists of the following modules:

Retreat Modules
• Stages of holistic child development
• Essence of each stage in the child’s journey
• Acknowledging and healing our own incomplete needs
• Journey to Wholeness
• Experiential activities for each stage
• Integration and Wisdom sharing

Modalities Addressed 
1. Inner Child healing Breathwork
2. Spiritual purification
3. Regression therapy
4. Art therapy
5. Clay therapy
6. Emotional Well-being tools
7. Family Constellation

Please contact us for details and registration:

Shubha: +91 9480336704
Binita: +91 9886756495

All proceeds will support the Oneness Temple at Freedom Land

When and where is this happening?

This is a nine-day retreat that starts with checking in on the eve of 1st October and spans from 2nd-10th October 2021. Set in the serene and scenic landscape of sweeping hills and soul-soothing views at Creative’s new campus: Freedom Land, this retreat lends itself to the joy of exploration, learning and healing.

Retreat Teachers and Facilitators

The retreat will be led and facilitated by our founders, Jayashree and Ashok, along with senior teachers and healers of Creative School and Prajña Wisdom Centre. The concepts covered in this program have been developed over a decade, following in- depth research and based on the philosophy  and practices at Creative School. Everything you will learn has been implemented and practiced within our community as well as with many adults and children from other institutions. The facilitators will hold an unconditional and   empathetic space, for every participant, so that you can: feel safe to explore and heal the  depths of your being and nourish your relationship with your child.

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