Emotional Wellbeing

Duration: 1 day workshop + 4 experiential learning sessions

This course combines multi sensory learning modules, practice sessions and assignments and is wonderful stepping stone towards

  • improving awareness of emotions
  • learning effective tools to manage and transform difficult emotions
  • feeling at peace with oneself
  • enjoying harmonious relationships

Emotions are a natural part of the growth of our consciousness but tend to be disowned by most of us. Emotional awareness and healing the emotions is a very important aspect of our journey in understanding and accepting ourselves and living life authentically.

Theory and Practical Sessions on:

  • Awareness of emotions – how emotions manifest in our physical and mental states
  • The power of observation and connecting with our emotions
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – different approaches
  • Understanding empathy processes
  • Acceptance of emotions
  • Role of emotions in relationships
  • Practical toolkit for emotional wellbeing
  • Energy healing practices
  • Meditations


Course Facilitators:
Dhivya Naren and Rathy Nair are senior facilitators, healers and teachers. They have in depth experience in enhancing emotional wellbeing for themselves, for their clients and for children. They have been trained in many energy healing modalities and holistic wellness systems such as Inner Child Work, Rebirthing Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique, Prosperity Work, Conscious Parenting and Energy work.

To Register Contact:
Email:  info@prajnawisdom.in
Tel: +91 7899917212  /  7899917213

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