Conscious Parenting

Conscious Parenting is one of our sell-out programs. Originally a 2 day workshop, it is now being offered as a course – with extended learning sessions to accommodate new material, offer continued support over a few weeks, opportunity to practice and receive feedback

Duration: 1 day workshop + 4 learning sessions

Parenting is one of the most enjoyable, nurturing, challenging, complex and yet rewarding aspects of one’s life.

This course will teach parents how to disentangle from negative interactions with their children and enter a partnership of greatest spiritual and emotional connection with them. As parents and care givers, you will learn to practice mindfulness and self-awareness in your Conscious Parenting journey – simple shifts that can bring about profound changes in the parent-child relationship, and ease into parenting.

Whether you are an experienced parent or a soon-to-be parent, this course will help you see Parenting for the joyous journey that it is, and not the difficult endeavour that it seems to be.

Key Topics Covered in this Course (Theory & Practice):

  • Family Life As a Spiritual Journey
  • Self Care for Parents
  • Love-based Parenting vs Fear-based Parenting
  • Connecting with Your Child
  • Establishing a successful Parent-Child Partnership
  • Age appropriate Parenting
  • Nurturing Limits
  • Learning from Challenges and Power Struggles
  • Turning Conflicts into Opportunities for connection
  • Daily practices to strengthen Parent-Child Bond


Who is it for?

This workshop is primarily for parents, care-givers, and teachers. Anybody who would like to learn about Conscious Parenting is welcome. Therapists and Healers who work with children will also find the workshop useful.


About the Facilitators:

Conscious Parenting is the foundation of The Creative School (Bangalore), founded by Jayashree and Ashok, 8 years back. It is a thriving, successful model of how the principles of Conscious Parenting and Conscious Living can transform families and bring out the best in a child.

All the facilitators have extensive experience in the subject, having embraced the principles of Conscious Parenting in their own personal lives, as well as in their teaching profession.

Jayashree Ashok
Jayashree is Founder and Director of Pragya Living Wisdom Centre and Creative School. Under her leadership, Creative School, was positioned amongst the top 20 schools of Bangalore within its first 7 years.

With 20+ years of experience in people development, she has trained and mentored 1000+ professionals, to help them lead fuller lives and become productive at work. She is an expert in Energy healing, Conscious Parenting, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Inner-child work, Regression, Mindfulness, Wellness with the 5 elements, Rebirthing Breathwork, Art Therapy, Mind-Body Awareness, Meditation and other forms of Energy healing and quantum science processes.

Sangeetha Shanker Rao
Sangeetha is a parent counsellor and the coordinator for Middle and High School at The Creative School. She has trained under Jayashree Ashok in Conscious Parenting, The Sacred Classroom, Inner Child Healing, Nonviolent Communication and EFT. Teaching is her first love, and she has been a teacher for the past fourteen years.

Sumita Dutta
Sumita teaches Mathematics at the Middle and High School level at The Creative School, Bangalore. Sumita trained under Jayashree Ashok in Conscious Parenting, The Sacred Classroom, EFT, Nonviolent Communication, and Inner Child Healing and under Leonard Orr in Rebirthing Breathwork.


To Register Contact:
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Creative School / Pragya Living Wisdom Centre
#83-84, L G Lakedew, Bilishivale, Doddagubbi Post,
Bangalore 560077

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