Corporate Testimonials

Dipika Kapadia

Global Head of Product Management, EY
Sr. Director Ola, Myntra, (USA)

My association with the founder of Prajña, Jayashree Ashok, began ten years ago with work around freedom from negative emotions.  As I unraveled my insecurities, my limiting beliefs and my fears, I learned to grow in emotional intelligence and self-awareness.  I learned to examine my role in a problem instead of looking for reasons only on the outside.

My work further expanded to being able to communicate my needs clearly with healthy assertion and honor others’ needs.  At this time I had made the transition from a solid individual contributor to a manager.  In my first months in this new role I was a hard taskmaster but my work with Prajña enabled me to evolve into a manager who wanted for employees to grow into their best possible selves, build collaborative teams, give meaningful and timely feedback and inspire teams to do their best for customers.

The hallmark of Prajña’s work is integrity, depth and authenticity.  The journey is challenging and requires participants to dig deep within ‘their-selves’ but it is also extremely rewarding. I can’t recommend Prajña’s corporate leadership programs enough.

Soumya Rajesh

Chief India Operations, Group

“My team of about 75 people were one of the fortunate ones to participate in Prajña’s Integrated Wellness offerings.

The program was conducted by Veda Mohan, Kapila Ramakrishnan, Ashwini G and Binita Jhaveri in our office in Bangalore during our Employee Development Day event.

The program was well received and appreciated by all for the sense of clarity in delivering the content and the overall experience our staff took away. Team Prajña demonstrated great passion towards their purpose to help organisations support their employees better and are very creative in optimising value against companies needs.”

Dr. A Sundarvalli

Convernor Nutrition Society of India
HOD, Dept. of Home Science, Mount Carmel College

The Mindful Eating Workshop organized by the Nutrition Society of India and the Department of Food & Nutrition and Research, aimed to uplift the mind, body and soul through mindful eating.

It started with the importance of self-awareness through a simple mindfulness meditation. This enhanced deeply our ability to listen to both the body, and the commands of mind while eating rather than be driven by the tongue.
“The students and professionals – professors, research scientists – of Nutrition and Dietetics will now be able to practice the insights of the workshop, on themselves as well as their clients, as food is the best medicine, and eating mindfully aids it better.

Ms. Kapila Ramakrishnan and Ms Veda Mohan from Prajña’s Living Wisdom Centre made us to walk through the sessions with activities specially designed support each individual develop the practice of eating mindfully in their daily life. I would greatly recommend this workshop to everyone, as eating mindfully can influence our health and wellbeing, especially people who have a busy life.”

Urvashi Singh

Cyient, Manager L&D

“I have known and worked with the Prajña team members for a long time now. While at Cyient, we have worked on Communication related programs and also forayed into the area of Diversity and Inclusion.

During my journey, not only did I find the Prajña Team very knowledgeable and skillful but also very
genuine. Their understanding of what organizations/ teams and even individuals require runs deep through their collective experience and study in both life skills and organizational skills. They are aware of the latest trends in learning activities and also adapt to the new methodologies basis what will work for the organizations keeping in mind the challenges.

Their programs are designed to help individuals improve even whist being trained in a group. They have time and again gone out of the way to ensure customer satisfaction and made a difference.

Thank you Veda, Kapila and Neetu for the support. It’s always lovely to work with you’ll.”


Charusmitha Rao

Head, Learning & Development, India and APJ
Akamai Technologies

Research has shown that women are less likely to receive the first critical promotion to manager—so far fewer end up on the path to leadership—and are less likely to be hired into more senior positions. Women also get less access to the people, input, and opportunities that accelerate careers. As a result, the higher you look in companies, the fewer women you see.

This program from Prajña is a great way to create a culture of gender balanced leadership. Some of the challenges we face are very unique to women. Women executives rarely get an opportunity to meet other women and share their experiences in a learning environment that has personal impact. This program has given me a life changing experience. The design is spread across various thought through interventions providing a space for debate, dialogue and sharing. It helped me develop a better understanding of my personal leadership style, access my strengths and work on my self-limiting beliefs which enabled me to lead change effectively in my business. The favourite part of the program is working with a coach: this provides ongoing support for both personal and professional development. Veda’s rich, diverse experience, versatile style and wisdom make her not just an excellent facilitator but someone the participants can look up to as a strong woman leader. Her listening skills, empathy and facilitation skills add the ‘X’ factor to this program.

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