Our Complimentary Offerings

We believe in the power of seva and always operate from a space of abundance. Keeping this principle in mind, we have two programs which we offer to individuals and organizations without any profession fees.

1. Zen Seva

is our 1.5 day team building program which help you plan and collaborate with your team members to work towards a common goal. We are already talking to your HR team about it. However, if your team would like to know more about the program, we will be happy to share the information with you. We do not charge for this program. Our central focus is to empower you to experience peer to peer generosity. ‘You’ are the hero of the program. We will only nudge to be centred and become more aware of your own strengths and gifts. One of which is to understand the power of giving in a non-transactional environment. The outcome is quite magical. It will help you to connect with yourself and your team and ultimately and all the learning and insight will come from you.

In our busy lives, as we juggle between work and personal commitments, wellness loses out on priority until we are hit with a disease or a crisis. Regularly re-energizing, relaxing and detoxifying yourself will ensure that you are balanced, healthy, peaceful and energetic.

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2. Business Wisdom Talks

Business Wisdom Series – This is a series of 1-2 hour talks that we offer with no cost at all if in Bangalore: you are welcome to take your pick.

We share all relevant learning materials as soft copies. While we have picked on a range of topics that are broad based, we will be happy to customize a talk for you as we have a wide range of experts on our team.

Areas the topics cover include:

  1. Leadership Development
  2. Career Development
  3. Women Empowerment including 
other aspects of Diversity & Inclusion
  4. Communication with latest neuroscience based approaches
  5. Emotional Intelligence and Empowerment
  6. Team Building and Synergy
  7. Mindfulness at work especially for corporates
  8. Health and Wellness
  9. Family relations and parenting


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3. DEAR (Drop Everything and recharge)

Drop Everything and Recharge – a weekend program on how to re- energize and recharge using simple practices such as art therapy. dance and movement, breathing, neuroscience based soft ware and interactive talks on body wisdom, prosperity consciousness, chakra system, alternate medicine, relationships, grief, death and trauma, parenting and other topics connected with life and living.

Through this program, we teach quick and effective techniques which help you let go of accumulated stress, burden and worries and also recharge the body, mind and spirit; thereby creating a ripple effect of wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

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