Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple acupressure based technique to help you release negative emotions. You can use it in a variety of areas in your life including work, school, home, relationships or releasing trauma. Integrate this simple acupressure based technique into your daily life and combine it with meditation and many other healing practices.  A regular practice leads to tremendous emotional strength within you.   We support people on a variety of issues – marital problems, self esteem issues, work related problems, counseling for children for examination stress, and physical ailments which have completely healed due to emotional counseling.

Some times these sessions are combined with Non-Violent Communication Techniques (NVC). NVC explores the importance of using compassionate communication to promote clarity, peace, and harmony in relationships. This training specifically helps people learn how to express their feelings and needs while building healthy relationships with others.  The practice of non-violent communication in conjunction with emotional healing through EFT, Breathwork, and regression techniques works very well to become aware of our judgments, expectations, and beliefs. It allows us to take the initiative to connect with others.

We encourage a wonderful and regular practice of gratitude – being grateful for everything the day offers us. The practice of gratitude also encourages positive emotions and feelings in children. We learn about our consciousness and the many layers within our energy body.

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