Inner Child Healing

The Inner Child Private Healing Sessions/workshops are designed to help you heal from emotional wounds from childhood. Your inner child is that part of you that is not healed because of emotional trauma. Healing from these wounds helps you blossom to your fullest potential. As you heal yourself, you will understand your children much better.? This amazing course helps you find emotional holes in your own being in a systematic way beginning from childhood through adult hood.

“Every child has a
primary need for respect, understanding and being taken seriously”
– Alice Miller

Whether there was overt abuse or neglect in our childhood, or more subtle pressures and expectations, our psyches bear childhood wounds. Our body and our emotions still hold everything we have ever experienced. Things that happened to us in childhood remain unhealed in most of us, and they contribute to the conflicts and problems we experience as adults. Learn how to give your Inner-Child the nurturing attention it has always wanted. In the supportive environment of a group, you will learn that you are not alone. The shared experiences and activities provide a rich opportunity to release limiting fears and bring more unconditional love into your life.

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