Mindful Eating workshop

Duration: Half day Lunch and Learn Time: 10am to 4pm

Mindfulness or Conscious Awareness is a way of life. And Mindful Eating is an important aspect of this way of life, wherein we are fully present, alive to experiences, aware, responsive and joyful. Through Mindful Eating you are empowered to listen to your body and its needs, developing a healthy and personal relationship with food and yourself. This workshop is a way for you to explore how you can elevate the mundane and indulgent task of eating to a better way of living.

The experiences of previous participants have been very interesting and profound with some people discovering that they actually do not like the junk food they indulge in and others recognizing that they are satisfied with a lesser quantity of food than they usually consume.

Discover Why, What, When and How You Eat:
Some common ailments of unmindful eating are:

  • Overeating
  • Skipping meals or extreme diets
  • Neglecting nutritional needs
  • Emotional eating
  • Critical and negative image of body and self

Highlights of the Workshop:

The workshop will be an interesting combination of learning through experience, self- discovery, lectures and discussion.

  • “What does my body need now?” an exercise in tuning into Body’s Higher Intelligence.
  •  The “Eat Drink & be Mindful” experiment.
  • Practical experience of Mindful Eating.
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Time for relaxed and meaningful discussion

Course Facilitators:

Kapila Ramakrishnan is a Life Coach, Healer and Spiritual Teacher – trained by international masters in Past Life Regression, Rebirthing BreathWork, Inner Child Work, Energy Healing and Meditation. She has been in this field for a decade facilitating individual sessions and group workshops. Kapila is a lover and student of Nature, volunteers for the rescue and rehabilitation of street dogs and is a certified telepathic animal communicator. She is currently the Head of Programs at Pragya Living Wisdom Centre.

Veda Mohan received her training in Family Constellation and Ancestral Healing from Dr. Newton K and Dr. Lakshmi. She has also participated in constellation workshops by Dr. Annie Cariappa. Being a Human Development professional for close to 40 years, and having delved for almost two decades in theatre, therapy and counselling, learning and development; family constellation and work constellation emerged naturally as the next phase of work for Veda. She facilitates individual, group sessions as well as workshops in both areas at Pragya.
She currently is the Director – Corporate Initiative at the Pragya Centre, and Education & Curriculum Advisor at Creative School.

Pragya Living Wisdom Centre at Creative School, Bangalore.

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Tel: +91 7899917212  /  7899917213

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